Intrinsic Origins

Since the beginning,
beings of outlandish wilds have possessed innate Magical abilities, living harmoniously amongst those without such natural tendencies. All seven Intrinsic Origins — Sun, Sea, Sky, Earth, and Flame, alongside Dark and Divine Magics; the classes from which all magics derive themselves — thrived concurrently with non-magic creatures.
Creatives with and without Magics come together to show that the Origins can coexist peacefully, illustrating that the Magics do not have to be a source of fear. 
So I invite you to discover my fluid watercolor collection, which represents the Intrinsic Origin Magics. Here, you will learn about the Intrinsic Origins and may just find a Magic that speaks to your soul. 


Each Piece is window mounted and comes ready to frame. This allows you to choose a frame that best suits your tastes. 
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Intrinsic Origins