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à Travers de Jolis Yeux -"Through Pretty Eyes"

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    Digital Portrait Commissions

    That special someone would LOVE this

    A black and white image of a digital line portrait of a woman with curly hair wearing glasses

    A lover, a best friend, or a family member would absolutely flip over one of these cute line work portraits!

    A black and white image of a digital line portrait of a smiling hetero couple

    A digital copy can be yours to do what you wish for $80.

    Make a print, create holiday cards or party invitations. Put it on a t-shirt or throw pillow! Once I send you the file, you can make it into whatever you want. <3

    A black and white image of a digital line portrait of a woman, legs crossed, elbow on knee with her hand to her cheek

    Here, you are


    to view darkness through the lens of creativity.

    A black and white watercolor painting of a woman with a large handprint over the lower half of her face

    Find that sensational statement piece you've been searching for.

    One sure to make a sublime impression at your parties, putting a spell on all your guests.

    I invite you to take a peek into my Gallery but if you can't find what you're looking for fill out a commission request form to see if I can make your wicked ideas come to life.



    “This is the first time I have ever had someone commission a piece for me and the amount of practice and work Robyn put into this to make it exactly what I wanted is crazy.”


    "Very personalized style, as well as plenty of flexibility in designs. Artist is open to making time for clients and has several ways of ordering pieces directly and through the site. Wonderful pieces!"

    Havvah Eve

    “This is an amazing collection of work, placed in ways that the buyer can really see how it will look as decoration, with gloriously named theme overviews!”


    The piece is beautiful, and the purchasing process was so easy. She was prompt with the invoice and the packaging was great - she even included a small free print! A great experience overall.

    See Your Wicked Ideas Come to Life

    A commission is a piece of artwork that is created upon request. Commissions make great gifts for those special people in your life and are truly a wonderful way to give a personalized present.

    Commission Custom Artwork

    Watercolor portrait of jaden smith done in black and white with selective color added, there are flowers sprouting from the edges of the portrait

    An interesting thing happens

    when women wield the creative wands,

    whether in the form of pencils or paintbrushes: they materialize their own magic, and become witches of a sort themselves.

    ~ Pam Grossman in the book Waking the Witch (2019)

    Watercolor painting done in blues and peach of the character Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter movie series. She's holding a wand and casting her rabbit Patronus charm.

    What Inspired Me to Break Molds?