My name is Robyn,

and I am the creator who sees things á Travers de Jolis Yeux.

I create watercolor and mixed media paintings which weave trauma into enchanting representations of the unique affairs experienced by humans. With themes like biodiversity, femininity, trauma, and neurodivergence, my work remains cohesive accompanied by a touch of magic in each piece.

Monochrome red watercolor painting depicting the concept of being Two-Faced. Features one woman painted twice back to back, one is done in a light appealing shade of red and has a "nice" demeanor, the other is painted in a dark shade of red, she is making the "shhhh" motion wile smiling in a way that seems evil.
A black and white watercolor painting of a woman with a large handprint over the lower half of her face
No One Will Believe You
Skin & Bones

When creating from my emotions becomes overwhelming, I dive into escapism, painting magical worlds, people, and creatures. I have always held a love for fantasy genres and this comes through in my escapist artwork. Influenced by anime, myths and fairy tales, and powerful women

Lorina's Mischief of Mice
Watercolor painting of a four eyes cat with flowers growing from its face. The cat is inspired by a snow leopard and is surrounded by hydrangea flowers.
Rainha & Aspen

I'm interested in creating polarities within these works; the contrast between light and dark, the heaviness of the subject matter and the delicate textures that are created by blooming watercolors. Moreover, when creating art, my goal is to help the viewer see their own darkness through the lens of my creativity, welcoming introspection, and improvement.

Watercolor portrait of jaden smith done in black and white with selective color added, there are flowers sprouting from the edges of the portrait
Jaden Smith
Watercolor painting of a demon girl in lingerie. She has horns a little elf ears with flowers in her hair.
Watercolor painting of a redhead. Her hair is put in two buns at the top of her head with flowers around them. She's wearing a blue and purple turtleneck sweater with a heart cutout over the chest.

Each of my pieces begins as a sketch and recently this process is done digitally to test compositions, perfect linework, and plan color placement. The linework is then printed or transferred to watercolor paper where smooth rhythmic strokes define the lines with the designated color. Translucent layers of watercolor are built up to create detail, definition, and depth. I finish my paintings by perfecting the linework and adding highlights as well as final details to the foreground. Occasionally this process includes pens, colored pencils, or gold-leaf.