The Magic Within You

The Magic Within You

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Story of the Intrinsic Origins

Since the beginning,

beings of outlandish wilds have possessed innate Magical abilities, living harmoniously amongst those without such natural tendencies. All seven Intrinsic Origins — Sun, Sea, Sky, Earth, and Flame, alongside Dark and Divine Magics; the classes from which all magics derive themselves — thrived concurrently with non-magic creatures.

But those not graced by these powers grew unsettled, caught in a society where they felt subsidiary; a power struggle within the place they called home erupted when they decided they would find a way to seize their own power. The temptations of Dark Magic beckoned them. They discovered how to harvest energy from the dying corpses of those blessed by nature's aether, a forbidden manipulation that divided the non-magic people. 

Because of their envious actions, fear stirs from every crevice of the earth. Creatures of Magic are forced to flee and hide, lest they fall victim to those looking to consume everything in their wrath. 

Yet, in the wake of the coming destruction, some try to bring unity back to the world. Creatives with and without Magics come together to show that the Origins can coexist peacefully, illustrating that the Magics do not have to be a source of fear. 

So I invite you to discover my fluid watercolor collection, which represents the Intrinsic Origin Magics. Here, you will learn about the Intrinsic Origins and may just find a Magic that speaks to your soul. If you do, simply click on the image, and you will be transported to the product page. 

The Sun 

Sun magic is about harnessing the innate light of living things.

All living objects require light, and this creates a flow of energy that you can manipulate. With this Magic, you can heal, grow, nurture, and transform. 

You are drawn to this Magic like leaves to the celestial orb in our sky, and an aura of warmth means others are drawn to you. 

This piece was inspired by the light of the sun, its warm rays, and brilliant glow through a window, the way it casts its radiant warmth through a room. Bring this beautiful rendition into your home, and people will feel welcome in its presence. 

Inspired by the golden rays of an autumn afternoon filtered through the trees that are shedding their leaves, this beautiful rendition will put your guests at ease as people will feel cozy in its presence. You can request a similar one on my commission's page as The Sun II has already found its forever home if you love this piece. 

The Sea

Sea Magic is powerful and mesmerizing, dangerous yet inviting.

You draw Magic from the depths of the waters and the strength of the tides, connecting through the lakes and rivers that flow back to it.

Having an affinity for Sea Magic means you feel its ebb and flow from anywhere on earth because of the connectivity of channels. Like water itself, you have both calm and chaotic moments.

Bring a little of that calm into your home with this fluid watercolor painting inspired by the beautiful turquoise waters of Belize.

Or enhance the chill atmosphere of your space with this watercolor painting inspired by ice caves in the dead of winter and how, when the light reflects through the crystals, brilliant colors can be seen.

The Sky

Sky magic comes from the energy and movement of the winds.

Day or night, sky magic is pulsing around you. Brushing your fingertips and lifting your hair.

If you are a wielder of sky magic, you revel in the freedom of endless possibilities. You are inherently optimistic, as you see no cap on what you can achieve.

Invite sky magic into your home with this brilliant blue painting of cumulus clouds. These clouds are said to represent childishness and joy.

This captivating rendition of the night sky holds such mystery, beauty, and depth. You can request a similar one on my commission's page as The Sky II has already found its forever home if you love this piece. 

The Earth

Earth magic is derived from the energy within the land itself.

You can draw it from the stones, minerals, crystals, and gems of the land and the flora and fauna that thrive on its surface.

As a wielder of earth magic, you may have an affinity for knowledge and history. You like to dig up the past and educate others on the beauties of our wonderful world.

If you adopt this piece, you will feel the gentle flow of the lush green flora that sways in the breeze. Gaze at the green brilliance and imagine long grasses brushing against your legs. 

Invite this piece into your home to feel the comfort brought to you by the stability of earth, inspired by geode crystals. It is believed that geodes can assist in creating better moods, balances, and energies. While this painting is not made from a natural geode, perhaps it can still enhance your mood.

The Flame

Flame magic is sourced from the earth's core, radiating at about 5,200 degrees Celsius, flowing dangerously under the crust.

Wielding Flame magic means you may be an artist or athlete, as you have a burning passion that roars in your soul.

However, flame magic can be as destructive as it is creative because you have the power to influence countless others through your work.

Your Magic represents transformation and strength, which are both radiating from this piece, a simple rendition of the source in its most recognizable form. You can request a similar one on my commission's page if you love this piece, as The Flame has already found its forever home. 

Divine Magic

Divine Magic was created when Magical beings amalgamated. The new generations were born often wielding affinities for both parents' Intrinsic Origin.

A combination of Earth and Flame Magic means you are steady and strong, wise, yet stubborn.

You may run hot and unyielding thanks to your affinity for Flame magic but, once everything has settled, Earth magic takes over, and a strange sense of new beginnings washes over you.

Hang this piece in your living room to be reminded of the delicate balance of your magics with this simple rendition of the source in its most recognizable form, Lava.

Dark Magic

Dark Magic is the embodiment of death. It exists to keep balance, as all things that live must die.

There are two ways you could choose to use this Magic.

If you are in tune with Dark Magic, you can sense when an entity is suffering as they exit existence and use your Magic to ease their journey. You guide the dying Magic to a place where it can be reborn. This is the beautiful side of Dark Magic.

But you must be wary, as the ease and potency of Dark Magic can corrupt you. You may feel a desire to hunt magical entities to use their energies instead of redirecting them to reincarnation.

So which will you choose?

Dark Magic can be daunting to some, but inviting this piece into your home will show you that the natural flow of this Magic is truly enchanting.

This piece represents how Dark Magic can bubble up suddenly, without warning, and adopting this piece will remind you of its beauty and encourage you to resist the urge to misuse it. 

It is my fervent hope that this collection will help to ward off some of the coming destruction. The Origins can coexist peacefully, and the Magics do not have to be a source of fear. 

In the meantime, I would love to know which Intrinsic Origin calls to you?

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