Bob Ross

Bob Ross

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Week Two

April 8th through the 14th

“We don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.”

Bob Ross was an inspiration to many. For his painting style and technique, sure, but he inspired people in more profound ways than just artistically. Ross created a demeanor for The Joy of Painting that embodied and taught confidence, self-love, acceptance, and compassion for others, even wildlife. 


“The secret to doing anything is believing that you can do it. Anything that you believe you can do strong enough, you can do. Anything. As long as you believe.”

With 403 episodes, which he had no intention of profiting from, I think that people watched The Joy of Painting more for the way it made them feel and the kind messages Ross gave than actually learning to paint.  


 “You need the dark in order to show the light.”

One of my very favorite things about Bob Ross was his compassion for animals. I just loved it when he would bring one of his little rescue friends on the show with him. Like Peapod, the tiny baby squirrel that sat in his pocket while he painted. So cute!

“If we’re going to have animals around we all have to be concerned about them and take care of them.”

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