Moon River

Wider than a mile, the river cuts a path through the lush green grass. Stones create ripples, disrupting the smooth surface.

You intend to cross this river someday. But for now, you’re just two drifters off to see the world. There is much to see!

And the moons reflected in the shimmering water.

Size 7x10 inch
Style Loose Print

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Digital Mixed Media Print

Bring a slice of nature’s fluidity into your home with this digital rendition of three hanging moons layered over a mossy river.

I would recommend choosing either a white or black frame for this piece. A dark brown would also look lovely! Place the photo almost anywhere in your home, but hanging it in a bathroom will bring a calm sense to the space.

- Size: 7x10 or 11x16 inches
- Thickness: 0.43mm
- Border: 1 inch
- Acid-free, pH-neutral paper Fine Art Smooth Matte Paper
- Inkjet-printed with archival pigment inks

- Size: 11x16 inches
- Thickness: 0.75
- Giclee Printed with a Matt varnish


Fine Art Prints are inkjet printed with archival pigment inks that significantly enhance the visual brilliance of both color and black & white images. These inks also have a substantial longevity that keeps images beautiful for generations.

Printed on Fine Art Smooth Matte Paper, the smoothest surface is made from 100% cotton hot press paper.


Canvas prints are Giclee Printed with a Matt varnish to provide UV inhibitors to protect, preserve, and enhance the Portrait Canvas. Fine Art Canvas Prints have a tight and consistent weave that matches the texture most people think of for an artistic canvas.

The Canvas Print is stretched around a ¾" frame and stapled to the sides. The image does not wrap around the sides of the frame. It is only visible on the front of the stretcher frame.

Due to variances and tolerances in paper widths and production processes, canvas prints will be slightly undersized. Any product within ¼" of length and/or width of the published size will not be remade.

Portrait Canvas has a 5-10 day turnaround which means your order will take 15-20 days to arrive.


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