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Watercolor painting of dust sprites with little faces holding stars inspired by Ghibli movies

What is a commission?

A commission is a piece of artwork that is created upon request. Commissions make great gifts for those special people in your life and are truly a wonderful way to give a personalized present.

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Commissioning a Piece

How does it work?

Essentially, you are asking to have a custom piece of artwork created in my style. You can browse my collections or take a peek at my Instagram to get a feel for my unique flare.

Producing a work of art on commission is a relationship—a partnership between you and I. Like any relationship, we need to make sure that this is the right fit for both of us.

When you commission a piece

What do you get?

~ Drafts/mockups for you to give feedback on (depending on the complexity of the commission there might be fewer or more drafts)

~ Final sketch that you must accept before we continue

~ Insight and involvement in the color plan 

~ The completed work of art either on its own, in a window mat, or fully framed

Watercolor portrait of jaden smith done in black and white with selective color added, there are flowers sprouting from the edges of the portrait

Want to see more? Request my free mini digital portfolio

Surreal watercolor painting of Ghibli creator Hayao Miyazaki. His face has been sliced in half to reveal some of his most recognizable characters like to Noface and Totoro.

There are two scenarios, really ⁠

How do you decide a commission is right for you?

You’ve looked through my Instagram feed or the products in my store and find a piece that you really love, only to be devastated that it has already been sold!

No worries, we can have a little chat about what aspects of that piece put a spell on you and come up with a similar concept. The piece won’t be made exactly the same, though, as all of my pieces are unique so that you can say the work of art is one of a kind.⁠

Or you have a wicked idea floating around in your brain that you can't imaging in anyone's style except mine.

In either case, you will fill out the commission request form below. This kicks things off with some basic information so I can decide if I am a good fit to make your dreams come true!

You Bring the Vision; I Bring the Camera

The Dreamer

Dip your toes into the world of fantasy photography with this two hour photo session. We will recreate your dream on location with two costume changes. After I have completed the editing process, you will receive four high-resolution files, and your choice of two 8x10 inch fine art prints or one 11x16 inch fine art print. 

$300 per person


The Fantast

See your furry friend turned into a fantasy creature with this package. A one hour photo session takes place in your home so I can capture your pet in its most comfortable habitat. I arrive about an hour before the photoshoot starts to set up and allow time for your pet to become acquainted with me. When the editing process is complete, you will receive two high-resolution files and one 11x16 inch fine art print. 

$200 per pet

Want to be part of the fun? An extended two hour session is available if you wish to be part of the composite as well.

An additional $150 per person


The Romantic

Whether it’s an engagement shoot for you and your partner or an intimate boudoir session to make you feel empowered and sexy, this is a magical fit for the romanticist in us all. Complete with twinkly lights and candles for days, this three hour session includes two costume changes and you receive four high-resolution files and your choice of three 8x10 inch, or two 10x13 inch fine art prints. Photoshoot occurs on location for engagements or in your home for boudoir. 

$500 per person


The Artisan

This package offers excellent creative flexibility and provides the opportunity to develop a series of images that you will treasure for a lifetime. Including five hours of shooting on location and three costume changes, after editing your photos you will receive six high-resolution files and your choice of four 8x10 inch, or two 11x16 inch fine art prints.



The Masterpiece

An all day affair perfect for capturing your multifaceted story or immortalizing your eclectic celebration is what The Masterpiece package offers. This option includes are eight hours of shooting on location. 

Celebration Masterpiece: $3000

Celebrations come with 10 high-resolution files, and your choice of 4 8x10 inch, or 2 10x13 inch fine art prints.

Storytelling Masterpiece: $1200 per person

Storytelling comes with Four costume changes, 6 high-resolution files, and your choice of 4 8x10 inch, or 2 10x13 inch fine art prints.

 Extra Fine Art Prints are available for an additional charge 

These prints can be of the completed composites included in your package or of a supplementary traditional photo from your shoot that turned out exceptional. 

4x6 inch print $17
8x10 inch print $27
10x13 inch print $37
11x16 inch print $47
16x24 inch print $67

Want to see more? Request my free mini digital portfolio

Starting Prices begin with 8.5x11 inch painting without framing

Ethereal Humans

Portrait (chest up) - starting at $175

Upper Body (waist up) - starting at $225

Full Body (legs and all) - starting $275

Moon Phases

Two moons - $100

Three moons - $125

Four moons - $150

Mixed media

Flora only - $200

Insect only - $225

Both - $250

* These pieces automatically come framed in a shadowbox

Digital&Graphite Portraits

B&W digital copy - $80

Colored digital copy - $100

Graphite digital copy - $100

Original Sketch - $120

Before the real work begins

A deposit is made

If your commission is being created from a concept you proposed, a $50 deposit is made after the request has been approved and before I begin to work on sketching your piece.

The final price of a commission is determined after we have worked out the details. Once all sketches have been approved and we have agreed on a size, I can give you a price estimate from which a 50% down payment is made. After the deposit has been made and production begins, there are no refunds of these initial payments if you decide to cancel your order. The remaining 50% is paid once I have completed your one of a kind work of art.

Commission Request Form

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