What Does Magic Mean to Me?

What Does Magic Mean to Me?

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Have you ever really considered what it means?

We are told what it means a lot. In games and books and movies. We’re told that it's fireballs and spell casting and things levitating. In a fantasy world, this is what magic is and I honestly can’t say that I don’t wish and hope this is a reality that is possible.

The magic you see in Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, the mythical creatures roaming around Fillory, floating castles and flying brooms from Studio Ghibli movies. I’ve always hoped it was all real. That one day I would stumble upon this secret enchanted realm full of fairy dust and potions. I can’t help myself, really. It may be a part of this escapism I so often experience, but I like to believe it is because I simply hope such fantastical things could be true.

To you, magic might be a fun filled trip to Disney Land or being bundled up with an excellent book and a mug of coco or the feeling you get in your stomach when you look a someone you fancy.

Despite my fervent hopes that an enchanted world exists between the cracks of our own, I tend to think of ‘real life’ magic is more the latter than the former.

To me, magic can be the look in your partner's eye as they gaze at you. The colors splashed across the sky as the sun sets, the way your extra fuzzy blanket feels as you run your fingers over it. It can be pairing an earthy wine with a rich dark chocolate, the way your new pen glides over the pages of your notebook, or when an artist sings a verse with such emotion and talent that everyone else in the room gets gooseflesh.

The devil is in the details.

Small moments that bring us inexplicable happiness. Sometimes so fleeting that we forget to take the time to appreciate it. To really revel in the enchantment swirling around us.

But magic is sometimes more. It is something eternally unknowable, something close at hand but never understood.

Wishing on eyelashes and birthday candles and 11:11.

The feeling you get in the pit of your stomach, the aching pull at your heart that is intuition attempting to guide you. I think that is magic. When you and your best friend say the same thing at the same time, that is magic. Entering a state of meditation or fluid absorption where you forget your surroundings, your needs, and sometimes even your inner dialogue is m a g i c.

To me, magic does not have to be some grandiose flair of the impossible.

It can be embracing your darkness. Looking your demons in the facing and saying “you will not control me”. It can be standing up for yourself, setting boundaries, telling someone ‘no’.

This is biggest magic of them all and it is my goal to help you realize that… the things you allowed governance of your life for so long, they can become your superpower. Telling my demons to fuck off has been the most empowering things I have ever done. And you can do it to.

That, my friend, is where magic lies within you.

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