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Week Nine

June 24th through the 30th

Rihanna has been an inspirational role model to me for years, from the moment I learned we actually have the same name! Again, we have a figure of pop culture who is using her position to break molds and take stands. She is a powerful woman doing some serious good for anyone who is usually made to feel different.

Let’s start with her music. Her first creative outlet in the spotlight was not only loud and proud, but she also has a truly amazing musical talent. Rihanna’s music unapologetically highlights confidence, sexuality, and diversity. A judgment-free zone was created with her music, where expressing your sexuality won't undermine your power or diminish your worth. 

"You should be celebrated for every aspect of your growth and your growing pains. You should be celebrated for your creativity, for your fearlessness, for your persistence and determination.”

In 2018 Rihanna launched one of the most diverse and influential lingerie companies we have ever seen. The business is a celebration of pure fun, finesse, and sensuality. Lingerie is great, of course, but the reason I love this venture so much is Rihanna’s dedication to inclusivity. She spotlights models of different shapes, sizes, and identities. There’s a genuine intention behind the Savage x Fenty brand because it was born out of Rihanna’s personal understanding of being a woman who doesn’t adhere to convention. She identified with other women who didn’t fit the mold of widely accepted beauty standards and gave them something to revel in. 

“You have to just accept your body. You may not love it all the way, but you just have to be comfortable with it, comfortable with knowing that that’s your body.”


The star isn’t only creating amazing content, she also created a charity called the Clara Lionel Foundation. The organization seeks to give children around the world access to proper education and quality healthcare. Riri also created an annual event that attracts celebrities, inviting them to give generously to her foundation and educating attendees about important issues happening around the world. 

“We’re all human, and we all just want a chance. A chance at life… a chance at an education… a chance at a future.”

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