Rachel Cargle

Rachel Cargle

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Week Seven

May 20th through the 26th


Rachel Cargle—Writer, entrepreneur, philanthropist. With these words alone, you can see why she made it into The Portrait Project filled with people I find inspiring and influential. 

“Accountability is scary because society (and our ego) insist that it’s a scathing stage of reckoning with personal failure when in truth its as recalibration effort that fortifies ourselves and the community.”


In the last four years, Rachel has created a community of foundations dedicated to creating a society that respects, cherishes, and understands people of color, specifically black women and girls. One of my favorite aspects of her recent philanthropic career is The Great Unlearn, a learning collective committed to celebrating and highlighting the genius of academics of colour.

“White men are the most imminent and intensive terrorist threat to our country. It’s white me clinging desperately to their myth of white supremacy in the country that they stole, murdered, enslaved millions upon to even have! They know they’d have nothing without violence so they have to keep it going to preserve their sense of self, identity and nation.”


Cargle is a massive influence on mental health, awareness, accountability, visibility, and so much more. Following her on Instagram is one of the more inspiring and insightful things I’ve done on social media. Her posts always get me thinking and help fuel my self-awareness. 

“You are allowed to heal toward a future version of yourself without hating who you are right now. You have the option to love yourself to new levels.”


If you haven’t already, please take a moment to learn more about The Loveland Foundation—committed to showing up for communities of color, and Elizabeth’s Bookshop & Writing Centre—amplifying and celebrating marginalized voices. 

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