Haunted Holidays: Potion

Haunted Holidays: Potion

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Week Seven
November 14th through the 20th

Sometimes, you just wish you could drink a magic potion to solve all your problems. Like Alice, just eating and drinking things to get what she wanted, even though she had no idea what any of it would do to her. 

That’s how I imagine this week's character ended up a confused hairless cat.

He woke up one day with a yellow potion next to his bed and said “hey, why not???” 

Things that went well with this week’s art piece:

~ Literally everything.

On the not so glorious end of things:

~ Um, I don't know. If I had to choose one thing I guess the type of paper I used made the smokey texture not as prominent.


I would like to give a special thanks to my little community for giving me great concept ideas. Without you, I never would have wound up with a transfiguration potion!


Fluid Hot Press watercolor paper was perfect for this piece because I knew the line work was going to need to be perfect. As it turns out, I really love this paper and plan to use it a lot more often. 


Color just looks so bright and saturated on this paper. I don’t even mind that the soft smokey texture isn’t as noticeable because the vibrancy is totally worth it. 


You can sort of see the technique in the black paint, at least more than you can in the orange and yellow. The contrast of this piece is astounding to me. 


The Sphynx still felt a little flat to me, but because of the way this paper reacts to water, I decided to add some depth using an HB pencil instead. 


Using a couple of Q-Tips, I blended the graphite until it was nice and smooth. 


I wanted to keep this one simple, so I just added a little white outline to the Sphynx as my finishing touch.

Transfiguration would be so interesting, at least if you could do so at will. More like McGonagall’s animagus from Harry Potter and less like Kuzco’s Poison from The Emperors New Groove. Hopefully, there is a potion to turn this guy back someday, but I don’t think it would be the worst thing to live out your days as a kitty. 


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