Book Review: Being Boss Take Control of Your Work & Live Life on Your Own Terms

Book Review: Being Boss Take Control of Your Work & Live Life on Your Own Terms

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Overall Review - A Helpful Workbook for Entrepreneurs

Last year was a wild ride for us all. The pandemic hit and suddenly, we all had a bunch of free time. We needed to find new things to fill that time with. Many people dove into their passions or learned new things or baked a bunch of bread. I took the opportunity to find some podcasts to listen to — finally.

For a little context, I am terrible at starting new things like shows or music or podcasts. I am extremely picky about what I like and have superior standards for what I allow myself to spend time on. So when I discovered the Being Boss podcast, I was naturally skeptical. Even more so when I heard the hosts’ voices were very...valley girl (ugh). 

But I quickly got over that because the podcast was funny, informational, and entertaining.

Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon are both successful business women working to help other creatives elevate their businesses. They use their experience as entrepreneurs and business besties to talk about things like imposter syndrome, work-life balance, and loads tips to help build and run a business.

And if you read my last book review, you know how much I love some sass in whatever media I am consuming, so when Emily blatantly used “fuck” in a sentence, I was thrilled.

They don’t just have the one podcast either. When Emily decided to follow a new dream and open a product-based business, they started the podcast Making a Business. I was all about it since I was also diving into building my product-based business during the summer of 2020. 

This is how I discovered the Being Boss book. Emily and Kathleen promoted the fuck out of it on Making a Business, and I knew I wanted to give it a read. 

When I finally got my hands on the book, it immediately impressed me. The cover was striking (I definitely judge a book by its cover, at least a little) and was much larger than I expected.

The book is a mixture of anecdotes, tips and tricks, interviews with other bosses, and worksheets. I LOVE a good worksheet. It is very well put together. 

But if I am being honest, there is not much you can get out of the book (aside from the worksheets) that you can’t hear on the podcast. This was a tremendous disappointment for me. I thought that Emily and Kathleen might go into more detail about things that help them run/ build their businesses but this has a lot more to do with finding balance in your life when you are an entrepreneur, a fact that IS evident if you read the entire title of the book. Clearly, I failed to do that. Lol. 

Now, if you are not a podcast person and have never listened to Being Boss, I would recommend this book to anyone who has their own business, or even a side hustle. I learned a tremendous amount from listening to Kathleen and Emily of their podcast, and this book has all the most important stuff from Being Boss. 

This is the book I used to get myself out of the serious burnout depression hole I was in March through May. It helped me figure out how to evaluate my life and set boundaries. Doing so has successfully kept me going for the last three months and can help give your life the structure and balance it needs. For this reason alone, I would recommend this book to anyone who needs to be better about their boundaries. 

Have you read this book already? Let me know what you thought about it in the comments below!

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